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I absolutely love every time I get to come and photograph this wonderful family.  I have been watching these boys grow for the last 3 years, and every time I can't wait until the next time I get to see them.  

When I arrived Johnny was asleep.  He slept for almost the whole time I was there, but before he was moved to his room, where he could have some quiet, I got a couple shots.  

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William started out a little shy, but quickly warmed up.  

Oroville Children's photography
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Some of their cousins were there, so I got to see them again too!

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Michael kept coming up to me and asking, "Michael pictures?  I See?"   He loves to see his pictures on the back of my camera imediatly after taking them!  

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Children's photographer, Oroville

Hunter requested this picture with his baby cousin, Ashton.  

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Oroville Photography

The kids couldn't wait to get outside to play! 

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Oroville Children's photos
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Hunter asked if we could get a few pictures of him on his bike, and he was thrilled to get out ride!  

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Baby Ashton - Fresh 48

Time got away from me and it's been quite some time since I have posted a blog!  So, here is the beautiful baby Ashton!  What a wonderful boy he is.   


I absolutely love Fresh 48 sessions.  Mom and baby bonding before they go home and begin life as the new larger family.    

Oroville newborn photographer
Oroville Ca newborn Photographer
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This beautiful baby had the smallest hands and feet, absolutely perfect. 

Oroville baby Photography
Oroville Baby Photos

Big sister loves her baby brother!

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Oroville children's photos
Oroville baby photography
Oroville Photographer
Oroville Ca Photographer
Oroville Ca Photography

Big sister decided to be a bit of a goof!

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Oroville Ca kids photos

Oh the cold stethoscope!    But I like the way it shows how small his little hands and body are.

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Baking Cookies! | Oroville Ca, Lifestyle Photography

Just after Christmas I had the pleasure of documenting this beautiful family!  The boys had so much fun baking and goofing off.  

I had a wonderful time with your and your beautiful family.

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This little guy was so cute!  

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Oroville Family Photographer
Oroville Family Photography

He got to crack an egg, and he did a great job!  

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Lifestyle family photo session

baking could only hold his attention for so long, then he bagan to play in the silverware drawer.  

Family lifestyle photography session
family photography session, lifestyle
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He wanted pictures with his baby brother.  He loves him so much!

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He is such a handsome young man! 

cookie making session
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Look at that smile. 

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family photos

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Lifestyle Newborn | Oroville Photography

I was looking back through some old sessions and realized I completely forgot to post these!  I loved going to the home of my good friend and capturing moments of their life.  Baby William was still so fresh and new!  

When I got there the older boys were taking a nap.  I loved how they were just lounged so comfortable on the bed.

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Lifestyle session, brothers

When this little guy popped awake, he was so curious about me being there.

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He wanted some one on one attention with the camera.

In home lifestyle photography, Oroville

Not long after, this little guy joined his brother in front of the camera.

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Photography in Oroville

And we can't leave out the newest addition!  Baby William!

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Oroville Photography
Baby pictures, newborn lifestyle

And I love baby feet!

Newborn pictures, Oroville ca

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9 Month Milestone Session | Oroville Ca Children's Photographer

I always love seeing this little guy!  He is such a good sport!  We were having a nice, somewhat warm day.  Then about a half hour before this little guys 9 month milestone session the cloud cover came in thick!  It got really cold and dark.  We had to cut the photos short because he was too cold.  Even so, he handled it like a champ!

Oroville Children's photography

This was his only smile form the photo session.  It was for his Grandpa, who he absolutely loves.  So sweet!

Oroville Ca Baby Photography
Oroville Children's photographer
Oroville Ca Children's photography

We did get a little smirk here.  But not quite a smile. 

Oroville Baby Photography, milestones

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Wildflower Photography Sessions! | Oroville Ca Photographer

Wildflower photography sessions for spring 2016 are about to begin!  The season is short, so there is a  limited number of sessions available each year.  These wildflower sessions are so much fun for children!  The kiddos love playing with the beautiful flowers, wandering the seemingly never ending landscape, and throwing rocks into the stream.  

For more information, or to book your own wildflower session, contact me!  I can't wait to hear from you!

Wildflower sessions, tabletop photography

Oroville Photographer, Genevieve Waters Photography.

Cloudy day on Tabletop | Oroville Photography

I love every time I get to work with this amazing girl!  She is so much fun, and has such a beautiful personality.  

Unfortunately, it didn't rain that day.  It was forecast to rain, so we were hoping for a rain photo session.  But the weather decided to change.  Instead we had heavy cloud cover.  But we still had a great time!

Oroville Children's Photography | Tabletop
Oroville Children's Photographer | Tabletop
Oroville Ca Children's Photography | Tabletop
Oroville Ca Children's Photography | Tabletop

I love Tabletop!  It is one of my favorite places to photograph, or just explore, from Fall to late Spring.  There isso much to see up there!

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Model Call | Fresh 48 | Oroville Photography | Genevieve Waters Photography

Genevieve Waters Photography is looking for two Fresh 48 models.

I am looking for 2 women due by March 20th, 2016 interested in doing a Fresh 48 model session.  

I absolutely love capturing some of the precious moments of baby's first days in this world, and a mom's love for their tiny new baby.  

If you are interested in applying for this model session, please contact me at genevievewatersphotography@gmail.com   Or call 530-871-0204.

I can't wait to hear from you!

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