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I absolutely love every time I get to come and photograph this wonderful family.  I have been watching these boys grow for the last 3 years, and every time I can't wait until the next time I get to see them.  

When I arrived Johnny was asleep.  He slept for almost the whole time I was there, but before he was moved to his room, where he could have some quiet, I got a couple shots.  

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William started out a little shy, but quickly warmed up.  

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Some of their cousins were there, so I got to see them again too!

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Michael kept coming up to me and asking, "Michael pictures?  I See?"   He loves to see his pictures on the back of my camera imediatly after taking them!  

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Hunter requested this picture with his baby cousin, Ashton.  

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Oroville Photography

The kids couldn't wait to get outside to play! 

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Hunter asked if we could get a few pictures of him on his bike, and he was thrilled to get out ride!  

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Baking Cookies! | Oroville Ca, Lifestyle Photography

Just after Christmas I had the pleasure of documenting this beautiful family!  The boys had so much fun baking and goofing off.  

I had a wonderful time with your and your beautiful family.

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This little guy was so cute!  

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Oroville Family Photography

He got to crack an egg, and he did a great job!  

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baking could only hold his attention for so long, then he bagan to play in the silverware drawer.  

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He wanted pictures with his baby brother.  He loves him so much!

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He is such a handsome young man! 

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Look at that smile. 

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Lifestyle Family Photos | Oroville Photography

I have had the pleasure of documenting this wonderful family through photography for the last year and a half.  I absolutely love capturing their different personalities.  Unposed photos of children in their own home, going about their daily routine, that's what we will remember.  Those are the moments we will look back on with fondness.  The dirty faces, dirty feet, messy hair, sleepy kids, and the snuggles.

When I arrived at their home, Michael was fast asleep!  He was covered in the dirt he had been playing in erlier that day.

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John was walking all around, giving hugs ....

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Lifestyle family pictures | Oroville Photography
Lifestyle family pictures | Oroville Photographer

And tasting all sorts of random objects!

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Michael woke up for a quick drink, then was back asleep.

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He needed a few snuggles from Mom.

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Oroville Photography | Oroville Photographer

Meanwhile John was still wandering around ...

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And still putting random objects in his mouth.

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Oroville Photography

William slept almost the entire time I was there.

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But he did wake up for a couple Mom kisses.

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I love the expressions and personality these little guys have!  They are so much fun to photograph! 

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Oroville photography
Oroville photography | Family pictures
Lifestyle photography | Oroville Family photographer
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Lifestyle photography is such a joy for me.  I absolutely love capturing the moments that we will remember as our children grow.  

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